There is so much to see and explore with your family that UTV rentals in Pigeon Forge have become increasingly popular. At ExoRent, we offer a variety of UTVs to fit your needs. From 2-seaters to 6-seaters, we have an amazing selection of vehicles available to rent online or by phone.

When you think of a UTV, you might imagine a group of friends going for a ride in the woods or on an abandoned road somewhere. You might even imagine a 4-wheeler jumping dirt hills… but those are actually ATVs. Here’s a quick breakdown of the difference between UTVs and ATVs

Thankfully, UTVs are built for family fun and if you take some common-sense precautions, and follow these tips, renting a UTV will be safe and fun for your entire family. In fact, we even have room to hold your car seat(s) if necessary!

UTV Rentals Include Safety Features and Comply with UTV Safety Laws

Roll cages are sturdy bars that surround the cabin of the UTV. In case of a rollover, the roll cage helps keep the vehicle cabin intact and the passengers inside safe. Seat belts are also a common safety feature on UTV rentals which can help to keep families and tourists safe as they explore Pigeon Forge TN and the nearby mountains. They, along with the roll cage, help keep passengers in the seat if they hit a bump or encounter another sudden jolt. 

Other common safety features include head and knee bars, hand grips and foot pedals. These features help keep kids, teens and other passengers safe while they ride in the UTV. UTVs must have at least four tires. Safety laws govern things like manufacturing specs. For example, UTVs must be produced with a maximum width of 65 inches. The width is measured laterally between the outer wheel rims on each side, and must maintain this width at all times.

UTVs can be driven on Designated Trails that are Away from Traffic and other Hazards 

While UTVs can be driven on public roads, they are great for exploring other terrain. Dirt roads are suitable for UTVs and allow you trek to hidden gems around Pigeon Forge and in The Smokies. Looking for places to visit? Our team is familiar with the most popular areas nearby, as well as those off the beaten path.

UTVs Can Be Equipped With Child Seats or Harnesses To Keep Young Children Safe

As mentioned above, our UTVs have room for your car seat(s) for smaller children. Child seats and harnesses are designed to keep kids upright and secure while driving especially on uneven ground especially when touring the mountains. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to make sure your car seat will fit properly in the UTV. And of course, our team is here to help if you have any questions.

UTVs Can Be Driven at a Slower Speed if Necessary to Accommodate Smaller Children or Beginners

Because UTVs are built for speed, it is not uncommon for passengers to feel like they are going too fast. Always drive at a speed that is comfortable for you and your passengers. If you are driving with a child who is just learning to ride in a UTV, you may want to slow down and drive more cautiously. You can also ask us for advice on how fast to drive on the different roads in our area. We have helped thousands of people understand how to navigate the terrain and avoid accidents. Our number one goal is for you to have an amazing time and keep everyone as safe as possible!